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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
The browse list is itself a search index. Compared to your other examples, "drama CD" is in fact not as crucial to the accuracy of the album title -- if you look at the majority of the album cover scans, publishers are quite erratic in the placement of that portion (on the booklet front "drama CD" tends to follow the game title instead, if it is even present -- an example here) This is why I like to see them de-emphasized along with stuff like "PS2 game" or "PC game".
I definitely agree with you regarding the importance of "drama cd" as opposed to my other examples, and I personally don't really care where that portion is put, I just tend to place it where the front scan/online site tells me it should be like anything else. Stuff like "PS2 game", etc, which has no information value should just be omitted though, or used on the fourth line.

(in that case I must wonder why there is a tilde present in the Xenosaga drama CD titles, why the "vol.#" portion is moved to the back of the Tales of the Abyss titles, etc.)
The Xenosaga's need some editing alright, but going by the scans on the fifth volume, the Tales of the Abyss naming seems fine to me. I always go with what's on the spine/obi if available, as it's always on a straight line there and as such unmistakable, while the text on the front cover can often be placed in a certain way for "dramatic effect", for lack of a better word.

Also, as it's not always certain that the first naming that surfaces on release lists and mailinglists is always completely correct, titles may need editing once the album is released/scans surface.
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