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The reason I hate bootlegs deals with what I would call an obsession in the vgm community: perfectionism. We want more than a tinny mp3 (we want all of the sound file). We want and will pay more money for an obi strip for "completion" reasons (it's really perfectionism). We want high quality material (bootlegs often are marred with false ugly logos and slightly worse covers and cd pressing covers).

When I had my friend buy me Chaos Legion OST for cheap I was thinking I was getting a good price. (VGM collectors have no greater pleasure besides the music than getting a good price for an expensive cd). When you buy a bootleg you may get all of the soundfile, but something else suffers. To me a bootleg cd is worthless; it is an affront to my music collection and my standards. VGM enthusiasts tend not to even get bootlegs because it is a weird middle ground between paying for an actual copy and simply downloading it.
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