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@Lowe and Liquid Acid

Okay guys. I let some "negativity" into attacking arguments, but I don't want that same negativity to blatantly attack other users (ad hominem). It would fuel more posts and view count, but it's not worth it. I don't mind personal attacks or strong statements that are well reasoned. I didn't see an attempt at trolling, but I agree that the comment was not adequately expounded on.

As for 'collecting' the music, we have to decide how technical we want to use the term--collecting in the sense that you are storing it. Now we can argue that people would buy it to rip full sound quality, but then I've already mentioned (and this website has recently addressed) users who simply ask and download FLAC files (collecting mp3s) from other people. So with the internet commonplace in our lives it is strange to see vgm enthusiasts purchase a bootleg and almost illogical too, but I can understand for certain cases. Now there is an even more "extreme" breed of vgm person that collects only to sell or just look at (not for listening to the music). That's an interesting topic I would like to get input on from buyers who do that because I assume they are better at getting good deals and selling for high prices.

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