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Originally Posted by Blitz Lunar View Post
maybe you guys mused over this already -- according to snesmusic, he is also known as Kyohei Sada, however GMCL disagrees and I'm unable to find any other evidence for or against. thoughts?

edit: found this, so i guess mythbusted and whatever. now, if only snesmusic would acknowledge correction emails....
It seems that the SNES game Spark World credits the sound programmer as Kyohei Sada of Pure Sound: That's not 100% definitive, but it's the most convincing link I've found between Kiyohiro and Kyohei.

Also: Kiyohiro Sada worked with Masako Inata on the SNES version of Yuuyu no Quiz de Go! Go!, and Kyohei Sada worked with Inata on the SNES game Ushio to Tora.

I've been a doubter that Kiyohiro = Kyohei for a long time, but it's seeming pretty possible to me now.
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