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OK, I think I isolated the source of the problem. There are several issues that I found. I fixed two of them, and two of them are still outstanding. No fixes have yet been released to production.

First, there's the issue of songs not being available for up to an hour after uploading. The problem results from the cache that had to be implemented in response to the Composition Combat traffic levels. I think I figured out a way around this issue, and added a bug at

Second, the password problem could have been caused by the issue described at If a user inadvertently types a space in those boxes, then the password would be reset and the user wouldn't know it had been changed. That might or might not have been the problem in this case, but I'll fix this bug and see if the issue recurs.

For the next month, I'm only going to be fixing bugs and refining errors in the new design. Once a lot of the bugs are fixed, then minor usability enhancements can follow. One of these, for example, is the ability to search all fields in the influences screen. I think that things should be rock solid before moving on to the next major features.
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