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I want to thank Ubelsteiner for his comments on uploading songs. Thanks to him, I was able to resolve two issues.

First, there is a critical bug where songs that don't have any downloads or views don't display anywhere. Of course, that's a problem because a song won't get any downloads or views without being displayed. This one is listed at

Second, when a user uploads a song, its statistics will now be calculated immediately, rather than at the next hour. This seems to get around the issue of having to refresh all song calculations every time a song is uploaded, and addresses what shawnphase had called the "BS bug fix" (increasing the frequency of refreshes), which was the best solution I knew of at the time. This one is listed at

Neither of these fixes have yet been released to production, but are available on the Dev server at

Feel free to offer comments and more reports as I continue to resolve other bugs.
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