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Default Calling VGM fans - trying to find a (sad) VGM tune from childhood...

Hi all,

I am searching for a piece of music that was used in a particular show that was part of my childhood. As I have already searched some anime and film soundtracks and did not find it at all, I am resorting to here to see if it is a VGM tune.

The supposed VGM sounds like it came from a JRPG; it is reminiscent of "Be Absentminded" from "Tales of Phantasia" as well as some music from "Xenoblade Chronicles" where the melodies are very strong. The time frame is somewhere in-between the 16-bit and 32-bit eras (1987~1997 in my case as the show first aired near the end of 1997). It's very likely that it's Red Book audo from a game CD or an original/arrangement CD soundtrack, so game systems that come to mind are Neo Geo CD, Sega Saturn and PS1. The VGM however does sound like a SNES chiptune. It also sounds a bit like new age music (e.g. Himekami, S.E.N.S.) and some works from Michiaki Watanabe.

I know that this is a search for a pin in the needle sack, but if anyone has a suggestion that fits what I have described, please feel welcome to post below. I don't mind listening to new VGMs so if you really want to post VGM suggestions for a different emotion, feel free to do that also.

Thanks in advance,
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