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EDIT - Forget all this, Goto also has top credits on Virtua Fighter5, and I'm highly doubtful he composed anything for VF. Probably just means he developed SFX.

Having so few AM2 Sound Members on this game makes the SEGA tracks on here quite interesting in narrowing in on the mysterious Shinichi Goto.

Tatsutoshi Narita can be ignored on the music end as he's (to my knowledge) never had any music credits, being a recording engineer and sound director.

There's plenty of Junpei Mishima tracks to reference his style from, and the Photo Studio track certainly fits into it.

Then there's the other 2 tracks. Results Screen is the essential one to the mystery, as it heavily resembles several tracks in Virtua Tennis 4, a game Goto gets top billing on. The character edit theme and stage 4 theme in particular have striking similarities to this track.

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