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Default Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I'm sure the word might have spread around by now, but if it didn't, I'm making my own gamerip of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I have everything ripped, edited and encoded and I just finished the tagging process; although this is where I'd like to request some help. I'm pretty confident I have most of the artist and original artist information written down, complete and accurate, although there is a bunch of areas I'm concerned about. I don't necessarily expect anyone to go through the entire NFO I've written up, but I'm sure I've made a bunch of mistakes or omissions in a lot of places, particularly in the last 80 or so tracks in the rip. Anyway, the major areas I'm concerned about are these:

Track 56 - "Mach Rider (Melee)" - Is there any composer info for Mach Rider, or would I just have to make do with crediting Nintendo as the original artist?

Tracks 272-280 - I have no idea what games in the WarioWare series all of these tracks come from, or who exactly their respective composers are.

Tracks 288-307 - These are all of the fighter victory fanfares in the game, and I'm sure they've all been arranged from their originals. I have no idea where to start as I'm unfamiliar with most of Nintendo's game franchises.

All the information from the first 258 tracks in the rip came from Brawl's soundtest, minus the "original artist", "artist" and "performer" fields. Everything after that I copy+pasted/wrote up manually. As I'm sure nobody would have any idea what the respective songs are that this tracklist refers to - I would post individual (extremely low CBR-encoded) mp3s for anyone willing to help, though I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that; I guess that would be Squirrel's/Gigablah's call.

Anyway; the NFO can be viewed here. Anyone willing to help out will receive a credit under the 'Special Thanks' section when I release this gamerip.

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