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Ok, here are my current propositions for everything related to scans.

The main goal is to standardize the captions of the scans.
While being consistent, we should not forget most of the scan viewers does not own the album.. scans captions should be easy to understand.
Note that i also propose a change in the order of the guide.

-General Guide-

- same as before -

If you are the originator of the scan, or if the source of the scan is known, you may add a name and a link to credit the original source.
By default the text box is empty and will result in no name credit at all.
You should never credit & link to websites with illegal contents.

- same as before -

File Size
Please don't upload files that are excessively large.
While filesize might vary depending on the item being scanned, it would be best to keep them under a couple of megs.
[ I think we should clearly set a limit with numbers here, like 5 Mb for a single scan, and a length x width size limit. (both limits are currently active, but not clearly mentioned anywhere) ]

Set Unsafe
- same as before -

Set Default
The default image is the one that shows when the album is displayed. It's generally the first image you see of the package (Box, Digipack for complex packages, or the Booklet Front for most or the normal releases)

You can create the image caption from the list of common components, and append additional text to the end, using the second textbox.

(None) - if you leave it as this, only the content of the second textbox will be saved as the caption.

Front - this is for scans which only have the front and back. If there are individual booklet pages, use Booklet Front for consistency.
[ The current guide is fine, but i don't think most of the users get it..
here's how i did it so far, and the most consistent choice on the database:

Use Front if there's no other mention of the Booklet Front page in the whole set.
(ex: If you have a "Booklet Front & Back" scan.. use "Front", but if you have separated booklet Front & Back scans: "Booklet Front" / "Booklet Back".. then use "Booklet Front"). ]

Booklet Front - see above. If the scan is a 2-page, put "& Back" in the second textbox to produce "Booklet Front & Back".
Booklet Back - last page of the insert booklet (the one facing the disc).
Booklet p. - for individual booklet scans. Remember to denote the booklet number(s) in the second textbox. ("01-02", "03-04", etc)
Booklet - use with the second textbox for special parts or mention of an incomplete booklet (ex: "Booklet (upper left part)" or "Booklet (credits)"
Jacket - for DVD casing. Put the necessary details in the second textbox ("Front", "Back", etc)
Disc - if there are numbers, put them in. ("1", "3 & 4" for scans of multiple discs, etc).
Cassette - if the sides are different, put the details in the second textbox ("Side A", "Side 1", etc).
Vinyl - if the sides are different, put the details in the second textbox ("Side A", "Side 1", etc).
Tray - the inner portion of the traycard (the one right underneath the disc).
[ Some releases have a traycard as a front cover (like the back cover/traycard), we generally use the following captions for the set: Front/Front Tray/Back/Back Tray ]
Back - back of the case / outer portion of the traycard.
Obi - spinecard. Some scans have both sides of the obi, so put "Front" or "Back" in the second textbox as appropriate.
Card - cards, postcards, etc. Again, details in the second textbox.
Sticker - either those bonus stickers they stuff into the case (if it's attached to the obi, put it in the obi description instead), or those blurbs / promotions that are stuck to the shrinkwrap.
Insert - single sheet or smaller booklet that is included in the album.
Box - for boxes. Put the necessary details in the second textbox ("Front", "Top", etc)
Slipcase - jacket, casing, etc. for slipcases. Put the necessary details in the second textbox ("Front", "Back", etc).
Digipack - for digipacks. Put the necessary details in the second textbox ("Exterior Left", "Exterior Right", etc).
Case - some people actually scan the jewel case in.

Contents - global picture that show all the package and its content, including bonus items like obi, card, sticker, etc

-Booklets captions & numerotation-
The abreviation for "page" is "p."

There are multiple kinds of booklets, here are my propositions:
2 sides (4 pages booklets) (ex: here)
"Booklet Front & Back" and "Booklet Interior" for the reverse inner side.

2 sides (6 or more pages booklets)
This depends if the booklet have been scanned in a way we can merge/fix them or not. 2 solutions with examples:
* Non fixed scans here (Booklet Back & Side or Booklet Exterior Front & Side... / Booklet Interior p. xx)
* fixed scans here (just a Booklet Exterior/Interior)
[ same method should be used with posters or large sheets ]

Other "normal" booklets with more than 4 pages
Here we can use the new "Booklet p." captions, and just add the numbers of the pages in the second textbox. But again, carefull to:
* Numbered booklets
Always follow the numbers printed on the booklet. If the first page(s) is not numbered, you can use the previous numbers (ex: 00-01, if the first printed numbers are 02-03)
* Non-Numbered booklets
Always use "Booklet p. 01-02" as the first pages, and not "02-03".

If you have any proposition, advice or remark, you can leave a message in the thread. We'r here to discuss about it.

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