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There also special cases about naming the front cover of old double cd case.
Most old albums like the GSM Sega 4,Capcom 3/4, ecc.... have the front cover with also the side portion (the one with the album name) on both sides.
How to rename them? I've seen some users scan those front covers two times, one with sides portion (naming "Front") and the other without sided naming them "Front (display)" and putting like the default scan show.

Originally Posted by suicider View Post
Also, how about Registry Cards? Is 'Card' refering to them in an explicit way? Cos' I used to use 'Registry Card Front', 'Registry Card Back' Maybe there are some releases carrying other sorts of (bonus) postcards, which could cause confusion.
"Registry" is not a correct word for me, "Registration" or "Survey" is more appropriate.
Yes there are also other form of cards (instructions, ecc...) and I think "Card" could cause confusion since some release have different types of card

And what's our behaviour about the "Booklet pg." form? The "pg." should be capitalize or not?

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