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I'd concur with removing Card. But I think there should be some kind of explanation for how those kind of things should be named. As you said, "Registration Card" for, well, registration cards (or survey cards if you'd prefer), for example.

Also, I agree with using the caption "Exterior/Interior pg. XX" -- this should definitely also be mentioned somewhere under the guidelines. Here are good examples if this: (I don't even know how to actual booklet looks, but this is probably one of those booklets that folds out, which is what we'll use "Booklet Exterior/Interior pg. XX" for)

About the link above, by the way; that booklet only has one exterior page, which means that when it's folded, you're only looking at the front, and the back of the booklet. So what would be a good way of titling these kind of booklets? Having only one page titled "Booklet Exterior pg. XX" might look a little odd, imo.
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