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I agree with most of Myrkul's changes. With File Size you may want to set preferable image types, Jpegs, Bitmaps, Pngs, Gifs, etc. I would say go with a major lossy or lossy and lossless type.

It may also be beneficial to not only set limits but note preferable sizes/standards for what you would like to be uploaded.

Looking at pages and discs, one is being asked to use 05-06 and the other when multiples the disc 1 & disc 2. Easier to just use the & symbol for normal pages also, less thinking involved.

Lastly is a question on Accordion booklets. Assuming the whole thing is scanned at once, how would it be named? Not really a front/back, interior or exterior, and page numbers would be jumbled.

Almost forgot, maybe have something setup for people to dump scans. Like Lowe has his forum post of anime scans, I have a batch of scans for things I can't read nor type. Thus they sit on my hard drive rather than being put in the DB (the albums don't exist here). Having a site, or area for people who can't read or type yet have the scans to pass them on to people who can make nice entries for them would be good. Of course it would be a slow adding whenever people had time and hopefully not be abused by lazy people.
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