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Here's a generalized sense of the topics, cobbled from the garbage that Google Translate spits out:

Topic 1: Deadlines, Delivery of the songs
Topic 2: Melody/Rhythms, keyboard as the main interface
Topic 3: Motivations while writing a song, Go take a Bath
Topic 4: Sickness affecting your work
Topic 5: The whole game, music saving
Topic 6: Budget Gaps, eastern compared to western
Topic 7: Troubling issues like money or promotions
Topic 8: Watching Movies
Topic 9: Dead projects
Topic 10: Good Feelings, Negative Feelings
Topic 11: Wonderful Gifts
Topic 12: 100 Million
Topic 13: Women, Huge Knockers
Topic 14: Nudity
Topic 15: Flat-rate Benefits
Topic 16: Entertainers
Topic 17: Beards and Style
Topic 18: Industry Conditions, Knowledge of Law, Freelance Suffering
Topic 19: Taxi Fare
Topic 20: Closing, MVC Trophy Awarded
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