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I have to jump in to this conversation as I am a composer currently finishing up an undergraduate degree in music composition and theory. A number of things I would like to comment on:

Yes, it is hard to make it as a composer in the media world but the opportunities are boundless. Sure there are only a few openings for top-notch huge budget projects but have you considered the indie game world? Probably not because there are many options available there. And yes, it does take knowledge but you do not have to command it all in order to be good. You will spend the rest of your life learning more and more about this form of expression. There will never be a point when you can finally say you're good just do it.

In my experience I find video game scoring very liberating. Often a client will have something in mind but if you can sell your idea through compelling compositions they are often willing to pursue your vision. This also can mean that the career CAN be artistically fulfilling. In fact, a recent interview I had with Garry Schyman revealed just that: He is creatively satisfied with his video game projects that he sees no need to compose in other realms.

The surest way of success in this pursuit is to treat it as a business. Generally those that do not make it do not because they are too narrow-minded about what it takes to be a success. Great compositions help but if you can't market yourself, make contacts, and stand out you will certainly never make it.

Even if your ultimate goal is not a career in composition your best bet is certainly further music education. I can't believe how much I have learned in my time at college. And rest assured that most great musicians have further formal education in that area and those that don't have self-studied like mad.

So to answer your question (!), if you want to learn more about music go do it. And rest assured that it is a fine path to take if you eventually want a future in game composition. And even if you don't it's worth it. I'm probably going to go in to audio engineering but I wouldn't trade the love I've gained of music for anything in the world.
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