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Originally Posted by dancey View Post
Irregardeless of respect to artists it's disrespectful to collectors. I should not have to make a folder called "DO NOT MESSAGE ME FOR LOSSLESS RIPS". There are a number of us who do not believe in lossless trading, I am one of them. If you cannot afford the price of a rare album, which many people cannot, then whatever format you can find the album in should suffice for your listening pleasure. No one needs lossless. I symphathize with the cost of this hobby because I've been the poor college student once, too.
I agree with what he said. When I receive such requests I tend to do two things:

1) Ignore them.
2) Kindly point the 'requesting user' to a website/online auction where the item can be purchased... and make a mental note of ignoring every subsequent message/request by him/her. They really get me pissed, sometimes... Here, for example: yesterday I've received a FLAC rip request from a user which is registered on here, too, for this - A) You're doing a 'not-so-cool' thing by requesting a rip of it; B) CDJapan still sells it, if you want lossless purchase the damn thing! I'd be a bit more understanding if you requested a rip of an out-of-print album (and even in that case you'd have no right to choose the audio format. Take what others may be willing to give away and be grateful for their kind gesture).
VGMdb isn't born for such purpose, as far as I know.

Now, for a slightly unrelated matter... I read that content creators might browse this website and I've always wondered this: are they really fine with the fact that VGMdb hosts and allows to view/download albums' scans? Isn't such 'data' subject to copyright laws, too? I mean, what makes them different from the 'audio part' of the album?
Probably I'm an idiot, but I've troubles understanding why this website might have troubles for sharing openly album rips, while it is already 'giving away' booklets / obis / stickers / disk covers...
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