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Originally Posted by ilef View Post
Now, this is my personal view on the matter, but even sharing/hosting scans like this website currently does might be rightly considered a form of "piracy".... Such stuff might be source of information, but it's always material as copyrighted as the music... I say: "Allow one? You might as well allow both, since there isn't really much difference between the two." [just kidding, eh, don't worry ]
I think of VGMdb as a sort of very useful, lightly-warez website.
I think it's a question of incentive to purchase. And merely providing scans of the booklets, etc isn't going to make people refrain from buying in the same way as providing music files will.

That's not to say I'm completely fine with providing scans in the way we do, and ultimately it would be nice to know how publishers feel about it.
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