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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
I think it's a question of incentive to purchase. And merely providing scans of the booklets, etc isn't going to make people refrain from buying in the same way as providing music files will.
I'm sorry to reply this late to your post, but I've a small consideration to make about your point. While it holds an amount of truth to it, I don't think the incentive to purchase is really the matter... It's more about the single person's mentality. Those who want to own the original strive to get it, even if you throw at them a perfect rip with scans in .png format. On the other hand, those who do not purchase an album and settle for a pirated copy are unlikely to ever pay for it, even when it is as pricey as 3.99 USD.... They prefer to print the scans and come up with something which loosely resembles the original.
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