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Originally Posted by Raizen1984 View Post
Actually, I don't entirely agree with this.

Firstly, I am absolutely in favor of supporting the artists by buying the original CDs. The thing is, that moral excuse goes right out the window when an item is no longer available for sale from the manufacturers. It is impossible to support the artists by purchasing second hand items. The only way to own an out-of-print album is to support a collector by paying an often insane amount of money.

I like supporting artists, but I'm not interested in supporting some greedy asshole who hoarded these things when they were new to make a crazy profit off the hobby. You see this with older video games all the time, and it makes me sick.
You don't have to disagree with me, rather have a talk with the "bastards" that buy more copies of an album just to sell them at an higher price when some time has passed. Unfortunately, publishers don't care about such stuff, as long as they get the money they're fine (who could blame for this, really?)... And besides, if someone can afford to buy multiple copies of an album, more POWA! to them. It's none of our business what someone does with his/her money.... It happens a lot also with books, mangas, game-related magazines... We may not like it, of course, but they're not doing something entirely bad.... After all, they can't actually FORCE someone to buy the item at their price.

My point "#3" (numbered for convenience) was aimed at the kind of people who feel entitled to request rips of OOP stuff... Come to think of it, it actually connects with my whole point "#1": VGMusic is an hobby. You don't need it for your health. Come to terms with the fact that you might not get everything you want.
Blame the previously mentioned bastards, 'blame' your life/yourself/other... because you couldn't grab the album when it was available... But still, get over it... If, in a worst-case scenario, you can't bring yourself to do it, please... PLEASE! Leave at least alone those who aren't publicily stating "Up for trades/Needed in lossless/EAC rips... Want a piece of them?". Someone who registers here might do so just to show off his/her collection (something which he/she would absolutely & totally be entitled to), our presence here (or elsewhere, for that matter) doesn't necessarily mean that we welcome private deals/rip requests.

Just to clarify, I hope it's clear that the above portion isn't directly aimed at anyone on here, more of an opinion about the kind of people.
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