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Originally Posted by Hellacia View Post
I'm not condoning downloading everything you see, but when it's out of print, it literally doesn't hurt anybody to download it. The same goes for "limited" or "enclosed" items.
Please excuse me if I will not be very clear, my english is not that good anymore. I disagree. If an item is manufactured in limited quantity, for the manufacturer's fault/decision... or whatever it is.... Well, the fact that is requested of me to share a lossless rip of it, might actually hurt "me": the owner.

Above are two examples of such enclosed goodies. Free to call me a bastard (something which a few users actually did, you know who you are), but I would not feel fine sharing them in lossless. Why? They're enclosed with particular packages, they have quite a value on their own right, I'm proud of being one of the few who actually owns them.
They may be out of print, really hard to find on auction sites, I frankly don't give a crap. I'm a collector, if I'd share them I'd get the feeling to lower their value.
While I understand that it's not the consumer's fault to not be able get the item, I'd say that it isn't the manufacturer's or mine, either. Hell, what would be the point in labeling such releases as "limited, enclosed,...", then?

As you've rightly stated, we can't have everything, we must make choices. When you make choices, you should face the consequences, too. You couldn't afford that particular version? Sorry for you.
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