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Originally Posted by Myrkul View Post
I am bumping this thread cause i have a question:

Browsing my covers... i found that i have a scan with the "official tracklist" we all know, 27 tracks.
This scan comes from the manual or the back cover of the Half-Life game, BestSeller Series (2001)

I was wondering if this soundtrack was ever released as a bonus disc, or could it be a redbook audio ?

If someone have more info, let us know.
Check this URL, please:
It seems that a russian magazine (GAME.exe) released the actual Half-Life soundtrack (the one included as Redbook audio in game disc) in a data CD with MP3 files.

P.S: Sorry for bumping an old thread.

P.S 2: Is the scan you showed official or fanmade?

P.S 3: I have found this one. I am wondering if this scan is real or fake.

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