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Originally Posted by Kentaro Sato View Post
Japanese gamers suggested "Seikendensetsu 1/2/3" with 3 being JPN-only release, "Romancing SaGa 1/2/3" with 2 and 3 being JPN-only.
for sd3, there are mandatory tracks to make:
- Whiz Kid could be interesting with symphonic orchestration
these ones could be "ethnical/tribal"-like
- Raven
- Damn Damn Drum with real big drums (taiko)
- Swivel
as for:
- Sacrifice Part One (ahah, let's break some glasses ;p)

Originally Posted by Kentaro Sato View Post
Since VGM Classics is an American company, we might put priorities on games released internationally.
it's maybe a bit restrictive because of that, I guess american company would be wider than a japanese company
perso I only play in japanese, so naturally I prefer using jp names and speaking of jp games
localized games have no interest for me (esp when it's badly translated or rarely translated)
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