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Originally Posted by Kentaro Sato View Post
...I played most of the JRPG titles and more in NE, SNE, PS1, SegaSaturn era...
I only played SFC (some US sfc and as I'm french FR sfc with badly translated games)
then PS1/PSP mainly japanese (some US games and 1 french FFVII who vaccined me to re-play a french game)
I played some games on other consoles but it's too unsignificant to be mentioned

Originally Posted by Kentaro Sato View Post
...Really? I did not know that!
romancing saga 2 "CUTE-2D" remake on psv got localized
unlike seiken UGLY-3D remakes that are visual abominations

note that there is still no info about roma saga 3 remake since it has been announced
I really hope CUTE-2D and by pity as a rs3 fan not UGLY-3D
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