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Originally Posted by Kentaro Sato View Post
Ultimately, it will come down to whether titles attract enough funding or not. The things about international release are more on the side of practical reasons than anything. The company just doesn't know whether this whole concept is plausible or not until we start the crowd-funding, though of course we hope it is. So, naturally, they went for titles which they thought would be a good choice (FF4). But at this point, we are more likely to present multiple possibility at once, and see which one (ones) got funding or not.

Personally, I am fine with Japan release only games, given a fact that I played most of the JRPG titles and more in NE, SNE, PS1, SegaSaturn era...
Isn't it also possible to raise a kickstarter for the label itself and make FFIV the first stretch goal/first project?

If the label, say, has all the possible rights secured and/or even got some of the original composers/artists involved and presents all sort of possible titles on their kickstarter page with FFIV, wouldn't that work better to figure out if the idea itself can work than individual titles?

If then more money than expected could be raised, enough for a second or even third project, wouldn't it be easier to set them up as stretch goals? Later down the line, albums could be kickstarted based on what the company and yourself think would work/deserves best if funding was enough.

I can only say based on the success of Turrican, and how many people were willing to pay large sums for vinyl/bookletart and whatnot and how many showed up for Amiga/Nintendo/Square Enix game music in the concert hall here in Germany, that there should be a market for it.

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