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Originally Posted by Vinphonic View Post
Isn't it also possible to raise a kickstarter for the label itself and make FFIV the first stretch goal/first project?
Dear Vinphonic

Thank you for your suggestions! But I don't think that would be possible at Kickstarter, including stretching the projects in a sense you described. And even though it was possible, I personally think the company should not go that direction for some legal concerns.
It makes things easy for the company to keep a project simple, clear, and manageable. A single-title (with the series in mind) approach does just that. I hope you understand. But we will always fix our course if there is a better way!

Now, unfortunately, involvements of the "credited" original composers and visual artists is something VGM Classics has to avoid or may not be able to do for most of the cases. VGM Classics have already had, or will be able to obtain the recording/arrangement licenses for a lot of game titles because VGMC kept this issue out in negotiations with the copyright holders, representatives, governmental institutions and/or what have you, for legal protections of makers, credited people and VGMC.

As an industry insider, I have to say that not all people currently working at game makers are happy about the credited composers/artists using the company products and names for their freelance gains. Some companies openly refuse to give any detailed individual credits to begin with. They have legal reasons why they have to do it, and VGM Classics will honor and comply whatever the conditions the copyright owners or whoever have permissions to give licenses would give to VGMC for a possible recording project.
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