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Thank you, dancey.
Yes, let VGM Classics take care. Although there are staffs the company may not be able to do, it was created in a way to serve VGM fans, after all.

Dear Aifread
All Shadow Hearts series from 1, 2, and From the New World, are indeed under "possible" category.

Once the VGMC finalizes Japan office related matters, we will ask more opinions in Japan. At this point, although VGMC did announce FF4, they started to think that additional one or two more fundraising at the same time would be a good way to go, as I wrote here before.

At this particular point, here are the candidates for the initial fundraising:

1) Project "FINAL FANTASY main series" starting from FF4 (most likely, since we already announced. But if more people want to start from other number, we will change)
2) Project "Ivalice series" starting from either Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy Tactics, including FFTA, and FFTA2 in mind for future. In this line, we might also consider Orge Battle series.
3) Project "Seiken Densetsu or Mana series" starting from 2 (Secret of Mana)
4) Project "Romancing SaGa / Saga Frontier series" starting from RS 2 probably.
5) Project "Vandal Hearts series" starting from VH1
6) Project "Quintet series" starting from Soul Blazer or Terranigma, including Illusion of Gaia (if possbile), and ActRaiser 1/2 in mind for future.
7) Project "Fire Emblem series" probably starting from SNE/SFC titles
8) Project "Tear Ring Saga series"
9) Project "Lufia (Estopolise) series" starting 1 or 2.
10) Project "Chrono series" starting Chrono Trigger, considering Chrono Cross in mind for future.
11) Project "Suikoden / Genso-Suikoden series" starting from 2?
12) Project "Zelda series" starting from SNE/SFC title.

VGMC have already received or will be able to get recording/arrangement licenses for all titles above. The exception is Illusion of Gaia, and the company is working on it.
VGMC primarily plans to feature one game title for an album CD per one fundraising. If it artistically/practically makes sense, the company would plan to feature several game titles that are related to each other and/or are in the same series.
VGMC does not plan to record any vgm from video games released, let's say, within past 3~5 years.

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