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Hi, Mr. Sato! It seems that other regular members here have done a great job of advising you on Final Fantasy IV and you agree with them, so anything I'd say would probably be redundant on that front. I look forward to the album if game music fans like us are the people you're aiming to appeal to, rather than taking a crowd-pleasing approach.

I appreciate your diligence in looking into the possibility of all these games that have been suggested and your openness. If I could make a request, something I would love to hear, although it may be a real challenge to orchestrate (or even transcribe!), is Alien Soldier. It's not a super well-known game, but maybe it has enough cult appeal to attract enough of crowdfunding support. Since you said you'd like to make dreams come true, one of my game music dreams is an orchestral Alien Soldier album arranged in the style of the anime Death Note's orchestral music by Yoshihisa Hirano. Here are a few examples of its music to see if you can imagine music like this being orchestrated. There are some pieces that would more obviously lend themselves to an orchestra, but I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea about what the majority of it sounds like.


Regardless, I'm optimistic about your projects, the label, and that I'll be a repeat backer and customer of your endeavors!
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