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Dear _if
"Alien Soldier" is now under "possible" category!

Dear layzee
"Alundra 1, 2" "Energy Breaker" are now under "possible" category!
"Ys" as a series, most of the titles are under "possible" category

Dear phonograph
"英雄伝説 or the Legend of Heroes" as a series, most of the titles are under "possible" category!

I have updated the list accordingly

Dear isdapi
Thank you. VGMC strongly feels that I should play the games VGMC would feature for a recording project. I feel the same way, and fortunately I have played most of the games in the list And I, personally, do have very large collections of games and their soundtracks (This goes the same to Japanimation of 90s). I had never believed those become handy one day...
Originally Posted by isdapi View Post
... and that's why is always better to contact the original composer in the first place for projects like these. That would be the ideal approach because this way the arranger could take advice and make its own rendition of the original material more in line with the vision of its creator.
Aesthetically we should, and therefore VGMC would take this direction, if we were permitted. I wrote the reason here and there, but if VGMC did not go this route, I hope you understand the company had legal reasons why not to, or may not to. It's complicated, and that is the only way VGMC is able to obtain licenses from authors and rights holders. Since this is OT, I will stop here, but the company will write Q&A on this related issue since this is very important.
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