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Originally Posted by BlazingAbyss View Post
Thanks again for the further info, I think what I'll do is keep my Rockman 1~6 box for Mega Man 1 & 2 and then get the newer Sound Box for everything else. I'll probably sell my CDs for MM 7-10 since it be kind of redundant to have both, especially since the 7 & 8 albums feature some minor issues not present on the Sound Box. Additionally, I'll probably sell my Rockman X 1~6 box and just get the Sound Box.

Honestly though, it's so strange that MM 1 & 2 seem to have the most issues on the Sound Box, you'd think that those would be the two that they'd be the most careful about getting right.

Does that include the Title Theme?
Unfortunately no. It only has the remixes used in the games themselves. I think this is because the versions of Mega Man 1-6 in the Anniversary collection were released separately on the PS1 in Japan in 1999 and that work was just ported over to the PS2 when the company Capcom outsourced it to made the collection. The Mega Man Anniversary Collection wasn't even released in Japan; from the data I could find it appears it was relegated to North America.

Nice catch though. I completely forgot about that piece.
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