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In the liner notes Cyber Takamine says he handled the X68000 version of Deta na!! Twin Bee.

The credits there have Y. Takamine, so...
Since the other two guys use real names, I guess it's safe to say You Takamine is You Takamine alright and not some alias, apart of the weird kana.

EDIT: and for reference
- IKAchan: talks about sound programming and midi stuff, might not have composed.
- Keroppy Inoue: Parodius da!, Gradius II
- Takamine: Deta na!! Twin Bee
- KAORI-CHAN: Parodius da!, Deta na!! Twin Bee
[from the above by elimination-> K. Kinouchi -> Kaori Kinouchi? -> ? (profile says she worked on a major game company as a sound creator)]
EDIT: -> oh wow. My detective skills are amazing. (more later)

Also there is this Something Yamashita(?) guy talking about midis, probably director or such, I think he was in other Konami albums.

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