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We could really use a thread-split of all this drama, because it takes all the focus off of the original purpose of improving remixSite.

I'm pretty laid back, so all the stuff from quintin demonizing my actions & statements is pretty out there.

I disagreed with this:

Originally Posted by quintin3265 View Post
What was a major mistake was not seeing this "market" (if that's what it is) as "competitive." Many of the sites devoted to video game remixes are very hypocritical: they state that music should be free, but they don't allow people to remove songs; and they state their communities are open, as long as people follow complex rules and avoid being banned. After looking around at things, I suspect that some sites are making a profit and don't want to draw attention to their finances because of the public uproar that would ensue. I may have been stupidly lured by an assumption that those at the top levels of the community are interested foremost in sharing music, when in reality some (but not all) communities are actually for-profit.
1. We allow people to remove songs if they haven't agreed to our Content Policy, but we definitely discourage removals heavily. Some people end up disliking their older tracks, but we try to be a canon of sorts for our community's development and history. djp has older stuff of his he'd rather take down, but he doesn't. It's not about locking people's music in who hate the community or anything that dramatic. No one thinks we're stealing their songs. We created a Content Policy to have people explicitly agree that their ReMixes will permanently be hosted by us, that WE explicitly agree we can never make a profit off of their music, and that they opt out of being able to request taking them down. We do this because we don't want to waste our time & energy peer reviewing, hosting and promoting ReMixes and albums without the assurance that they're intended to actually stay on the site.

2. I'm not privy to drama you've had with the other sites, but your quote was a blanket accusation against everyone. What public uproar do you expect over a site operating for profit and who's doing that? You need to say who you mean plainly instead of being vague. The first part of your statement about song removal was obviously directed at OCR based on your earlier comments. With 3 or 4 other veiled accusations then stitched together, why be surprised that I would read into that being about OCR alongside the others? Since you're saying you don't mean OCR as profiteers, but you won't speak plainly and expect us all to read between the lines, you're playing a semantics game that I'm not interested in.

3. We're cool with promoting the work of other communities. When Game Informer interviewed djpretzel and they asked him for other sites to plug in the magazine, Dwelling of Duels immediately came to mind, because they're a great competition and community. When Paragon was attending a convention we presented at in New York, and I saw him in the crowd, I had him come up and we devoted time to promoting DoD. We do respect and help one another. Any drama that existed with virt, Mustin, The Shizz, whomever, is over with and has been over with for years. However, we are NOT a development forum for other communities and we don't expect other communities to host development threads for us either, thus why I locked your development thread and PMed you. OCR is not an outside project dev forum. We're not going to be vilified for common sense.

4. Since you're not established, if you wanted to come on our forums and plug remixSite, that's fine and you didn't need to ask us. But you're projecting a sense of entitlement that the other communities had to acknowledge you and help you develop remixSite. That didn't happen en masse, because you haven't established your site or yourself. Other communities didn't ask OCR to help it get up and running, they just did it organically. As far as contacting me, I have a lot of ways I can be reached, including here at VGMdb where I don't get inundated with messages. You should have just tried to contact me again through OCR or on Twitter or on VGMdb and not assume I blew you off out of arrogance. Another option was just making an OCR forum thread with your ideas, which would have cast the net wider for responses. I'm not saying I'm better than you, but we've all reached out to people who are busy or celebrites or professionals and ended up not hearing back. Please don't emo because you didn't hear even a no. The reality is that the onus was on you to make it happen. You did now, but it took a lot of drama to get you there. :-D

To answer your original question though from May '09, I appreciate your energy and desire to make things happen, but we are working on our own improvements to our Workshop forums for work-in-progress track development and for competitions. We've already mapped out what we'd like to do, so it would be too redundant to work with remixSite. We've really got our hands full with other projects, but perhaps try Remix:ThaSauce and see if there's any potential to collab there.
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