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Originally Posted by Koti View Post
Here's a summary of this ironically titled thread.



(They did not actually say the last part, and because they are in fact the opposite of rude and uncaring and so on, they did not want to tell you off which is why they ignored you up until now and are writing huge posts trying to explain things to you.)


There was some more text in there, but most of it is tears and an argumentation style that would rank up there with the best of christian apologists.

Bonus feature! The future:

This show has been brought to you by Besser Wisser - The Difference is Drinkability and Harley Davidson - The Only Motorcyle Worthy of Being in My Basement.
I have to step in the negative things again for a second and just state that this post is appalling. There's a difference between talking about E-Mails and bullying people around. I dare you to say that stuff to someone's face.

Stop making fun of shawnphase. He isn't involved with the site and doesn't deserve to have to listen to this trash. I have no respect for people who make themselves feel good by mocking people not involved with the site from behind a computer screen. If you post anything like this again, then I'm going to ask Chris to have you banned.
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