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I mostly agree with your other comments, but this one is a little one-sided. I don't want to remix tracks unless I particularly feel like it, but I DO want to write music for computer games. I was having a conversation with Powellman about this and we kind've thought it would work well to have a site dedicated to original music that people would like to see used in a game. Though music of any genre can be placed in games, it seems that many think game music just isn't what it once was. Why else are people still remixing Final Fantasy 7 and Megaman tracks? It's not just nostalgia. If any sort've attention was to be received from actual companies, a dedicated site would be a way to go. I'm not suggesting RemixSite does this, since the site is already up and running, but I wouldn't think that people should be discouraged from producing original music. If it's good, I'd rather hear more from that artist than anyone's cover of anything.
There's nothing wrong with making a site dedicated to original music that is basically supposed to be "game soundtrack-esque" but I think Darkesword's point is that remixSite is ALSO hosting VG remixes. And it has "remix" in the title. So, the identity is confusing and it ends up just being a file dump. I would also say that people DO just remix games like FF7 and MM2 primarily due to nostalgia, and secondarily because older games had more melodic music, thus making it easier to remix compared to modern game soundtracks. But I don't know what that has to do with anything.

Quintin, as Dave has already pointed out, you seem far more concerned with numbers (track downloads, views, whatever) than the music itself, and your latest post just reinforces that assertion. Both of them are absolutely right when they say that you need to focus more on community and the MUSIC, and not numbers. If you're just making a website that is a file dump, you're not going to have a community, because you'll have no focus. I know because I did this way back (, now something completely different.) Tindeck has a clear, singular purpose. It posts MP3s. People can link to their MP3s easily and there's an integrated player right there.

Could you duplicate that functionality? Yes, but why would you want to? I contend that people don't really care about track views, downloads or ratings very much. When you talk about those features, track images, ratings, revisions etc., you're talking about the icing on the cake. You need something substantial FIRST, a novel concept to build around. Simply hosting video game remixes and original music is not really novel enough.