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I really don't mean to troll but it's just crazy how this discussion goes on... So you think videogame music is dying, you don't like the remixes that are being made and think the 'too popular' sources have become too old to listen to new mixes of, you don't like the remixers and happily talk trash openly about other sites, and you don't actually have a passion to make any specific site other than "something useful" (a.k.a. something popular (a.k.a. something that pulls nice stats)).

Looking at that, your people skills (on the internet, in any case) and way of reasoning, but also your website, I'd recommend either lending / selling your programming skills to someone else with clearer goals, or pursuing some of those other things you already suggested (offline would probably be safer in case you're not going to accept how things / people are online).

Man, remixsite is, in my opinion, a damn well made website in and of itself. If it wasn't for the 'why am I seeing originals when I go to remixsite' issue and if it was represented and 'PR'ed faaar better it could've been popular. It's just a shame you've dropped the ball on everything but the coding and perhaps the competition(s) (though public voting on a cash prize compo is not going to attract or build a community) and really make it worse with every post, incredible waste.

Oh well, last post from me (real last, not shawnphase last), the OCR guys are doing a better job at being civilized and explaining things, though it's a shame their busy asses even have to.