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Way to go, shawn. Defend the guy and remixSite here for the first two pages, then pull a fast one and start bashing him instead. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

quintin: I don't disagree with your view on The Shizz (I also don't post there anymore myself for similar reasons), but even if we both don't think that's how they should be, none of us are going to change what's been ingrained into that community.
I also agree with Darke that if you're basing your view of the overall community by looking at The Shizz, you're definitely looking in the wrong place. The Shizz in itself isn't even about game music anyway: It's about the indie music scene of Phoenix, AZ. The Minibosses section sees extra activity due to the fact that it's DoDs home base, but DoD competitors don't really have to be a contributing member of the Shizz community to participate. The Shizz overall doesn't have very much to do with the game music scene and isn't indicative of the health or interest of the community. The game music scene is alive and quite well: OCR is a good indicator, as there are nearly 30(!) remix album projects in progress right now over there. DoD has healthy interest every month, as well, and not a month goes by where I don't hear about a new western or doujin arrange album being released. There's plenty of activity and I don't think the scene has been more alive and interesting than ever right now. Old standbys Chrono Trigger is still getting a lot of remixes, but I'm seeing a lot of people pick up on lesser-known games as well, and there is still plenty of untouched material out there in older AND newer games.
Remixing is more popular and interesting than it ever has been, but I just don't think remixSite has been positioned to take advantage of that. Music hosting sites are a dime a dozen these days, so remixSite needs to refocus on how to make it worthwhile to the artist looking to host there.