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I wonder if it might be worth setting up a meeting, this weekend perhaps, between all interested parties in the redesign to discuss redesign ideas and come to a final decision? There are many people who seem interested in helping, but it takes hours or days between messages, even when discussing little things.

If enough people are interested, the meeting could take place using Skype, so that typing doesn't slow things down, as well as on some network drawing software that Kidd Cabbage demonstrated to me two weeks ago. The purpose of the meeting would be to come to a final decision on as many issues as possible so that the final design can be implemented quickly. Vile, for example, might want to attend to make sure that his ideas about compos are included, and Rama has incredible artwork in his latest image. Kidd Cabbage will probably want to show up just so that retroactive experience isn't lost in the transition

Since the end layout seems to be pretty similar across all designs, it would probably be relatively easy to modify the CSS file on the Dev server in real time to view proposed changes during this meeting.

Is there any interest in attending?
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