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ohai guyz

i seen da forumz post n i wuz bord so i did this lol

Really though, I didn't even know if I could actually pull off that mockup, apparently I can.

Rounded Corners Test here:

Better idea of what they're doing here:

Images used are all here:

The only thing that's missing is a super snazzy image for the header and the footer. I imagine something akin to the spinny measure thing that you use now, but changed. If someone can link me a big (1000x1000?) version of it, or something close to that, I could make it work. I'd just be damned if I want to try to recreate something similiar when it already exists.

You snazzy table/DIV table thing would have to be restyled too, obviously. To make the colors match really well, I could've ripped the guts out of it and recolored it myself but that would've been a LOT of work, so screw that for now.

There's probably some explaining required here but I'm drawing a blank.

I stick to my comment from my mockup about "members" thing: Members is MEMBER FUNCTIONS, Profiles is MEMBER PROFILES. That could be a bit awkward and at the very least is counter-intuitive. In my opinion, member functions should be moved to the little "you're logged in as..." block or, at the very least, hidden from the navigation unless you actually ARE logged in.

Oh, and if you're renaming the site "Game Remix" is pretty much not the greatest name ever. remixSite was a WAY better choice than that, which is why I used it in my proof of concept.

Just my 2 cents.

Total project time: 7 hours. Not bad.

Time 4 sleep. /afk

Edit: All kinds of weird errors in IE (duh) that I'll iron out lat0r. Should work fine in everything else.
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