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Originally Posted by strugglepoo View Post
Motohiro Kawashima (Streets of Rage 2 & 3)
Last known game work: Can't remember, something for the Saturn I think (mid-late 90's)
Apparently he actually worked again with Koshiro on a Hitman Reborn! game for the PS2 and Wii just 2 years ago. I haven't found any rips or samples of the music; a shame, because I'm quite curious after such a long time.

You're also missing another one-hit wonder:

Naoto Ishida (F-Zero)
Last known game work: F-Zero (1990)

It's kinda stunning how the composer of one of Nintendo's most iconic songs in its music history just seems to be non-existant. I wonder what other music we would have been graced with if he stayed on the VGM industry.
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