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Wouldn't it be possible to put the console we frequently select above the list and then arrange the rest in alphabetical order? I prefer it over reducing the number of consoles.

The problem is I think there is only a fine line between being a port and being one of so-called multi-platform releases. Should we list multiple platforms only when the game is released for those consoles around the same time and remove Xbox 360 from FFXIII because the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII was a port and was released months later? But I think in most development processes of a multi-platform games the PS3 version is virtually a port. Also, what if a game was supposed to be simultaneously released for both PS3 and Xbox 360 from the very first announcement, but one of the two was eventually delayed? (I think Last Remnant is exactly that, although it's close to being canceled). I think it's one way to avoid getting deeper into this, and allow submitters select the platform of a later release, as long as it sounds the same as on the first console and doesn't bring confusion and redundancy (Virtual Console, PlayStation Network or Mobile Phone). We can select PSX for this album because the PSX port had a streamed soundtrack (unlike the later FFV and FFVI ports), but I'm not sure if it's welcomed.
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