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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I dont' think we should add Kinnect or PS3 Move, as those systems are still basically Xbox360s and PS3s (unless there is something about the technology that I'm not understanding.)
I agree. They're really just add-on input devices to the systems. Granted, really really damn fancy ones, but still just input devices. We don't differentiate between the Wii games that require the nunchuk and those that don't.

Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
We currently have Mobile Phone, so if we add Apple (I*), do we need to add Android and other devices?
iOS is the name of the common operating system, so I'd go with that for the title. The iPod Touch and iPad aren't mobile phones, so it's not really right to dump games in there. Likewise, Android can run on devices that aren't phones, so I'd recommend adding that too if we split iOS out.

The alternative, cop-out solution would be to call the category just "Mobile." But I think splitting is probably better. I admittedly am not well versed in the mobile device universe, so this may be opening a can of worms.
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