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Cyber Troopers Virtual-On "Cyber Net Rhapsody." ~Episode #14~
Artist: 大貫貴裕 (composer) = Takahiro Ohnuki (The family name is confirmed by a comment of Kazutoshi Yokoyama on his blog, he was part of a band called qbe in which 大貫貴裕 also collaborated)
Source 1 (It's a sort of profile page)

D.C. ~Da Capo~ Original Sound Track Vol. 1 AMOROSO
Artist: 秋月良太 (guitar player) = Ryota Akizuki
Source 1 (Name written in katakana)
Source 2 (Facebook account)

Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II "Love Will Grow"
Artist: 遠藤昭浩 (guitar player) = Akihiro Endo
Source 1 (Live performance of his band)

GOD EATER Original Soundtrack
Artist: 岡部麿知 (violin player) = Machi Okabe
Source 1 (Already in the database)
Artist: 川口静香 (violin player) = Shizuka Kawaguchi
Source 1 (Credited as violinist)

More to come...

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