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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
I don't really know much about gaming in iOS (FFIII is the only title I've downloaded), but would so many developers actually release something exclusive to the latest OS? Unless it relies on very specific APIs, I assume many titles will still be available to iOS5 and below.
Right, for most apps so far the limiting factor hasn't been the iOS version but hardware capability (i.e. screen resolution, amount of RAM, graphic processing capability, e.g. iPod Touch sometimes suffers on apps expecting the iPhone's amount of RAM while the former only has the half of it, all other hardware essentially being the same).

I updated as I use my iPad as a stand alone and don't have iTunes, iPhoto and all that stuff. iOS6 promised to finally allow to upload files to websites, but it appears this only works for photos and videos. Still quite some locked garden (not gonna use anything cloud, the newly introduced privacy settings are all nice to have), it's ok for reading/browsing stuff and getting quick notifications...
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