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Originally Posted by Blitz Lunar View Post
I could post vaguely atonal/dissonant songs I can think of, boss themes mainly, not symphonic though, if that's what you're asking for.
No, not at all. That's just what I'm familiar with, that's all. I'm interested in all kinds of atonal music. (And all kinds of music, for that matter.)

Originally Posted by Blitz Lunar
As for Stockhausen et al, they worked with sound more, it isn't a hoax or an anti-musical mindset or lack of color or whatever else, it just isn't in the domain of tuned/pitched music for the most part. It's a different thing - academic, sure, though everything is academic to begin with. I wouldn't listen to it either but I'm not gonna deny its legitimacy.
Stockhausen's not my thing either. I do enjoy bits of Varese, but Stockhausen, Cage, and Xenakis are too far out for my taste.

Originally Posted by jdkluv
One of my favourite dungeon themes, although not too sure if atonal. Is it?
Sounds pretty clearly tonal to me, though with a few odd twists that are more passing notes than anything else. Also, the instrumentation is very abnormal.
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