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Came in here about to post some Junya Nakano, but I see he's already been covered. Junko Tamiya has a few atonal pieces sprinkled throughout her soundtracks. It's hard to find links on youtube.

Strider - Introduction 1 & 2
Strider - Capture (
Bionic Commando - Introduction Part B
A few tracks in Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

Streets of Rage III - Bad Ending (
Streets of Rage III - Fateful Meeting (
Streets of Rage III - Kama de Coco (
And I guess most of Koshiro's SoRIII tracks in general, but mostly because of the experimental nature and use of automated sequencing

I don't know, would this be considered atonal?
Castlevania: Harmony Of Dissonance - Luminous Caverns ( I have no idea what I would base the key off of. Perhaps the boss theme, too. (
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