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Yeah, it seems like they go all out on drama.. and showcasing budget of course (that 3D bell xD); sometimes I'm fine with it. Not in this case though. I'll watch it a bit more before I definitely drop it, just to be sure I guess... And seriously most of the characters Yuki Kaji is voicing are annoying as hell and this is no exception.

Gargantia on the other hand is a pleasure to watch.

I've started Hataraku Maou-sama which could be a totally ok short comedy show. Music doesn't stand out which is probably good.

btw I'm not watching Aku no Hana but have seen some flaming threads It really isn't for everyone, it appears so. Although one more complaint I've read is the rotoscoped style is poorly done, as in it could have been much better... along with comparison youtube video from a part of some other show (that uses the same technique apparently) or something... The highly detailed background art is praised though. Regardless, people just don't seem to like this obviously much, much more realistic style probably because they're used to seeing what 90% of the shows throw at them.

inb4 was this off-topic too much??? Nope, impossible haha
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