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13 - Elongated the translation of tasukete because of the ー
18 - TETSUKO NO HEYA? is written in English like that so I left it untranslated but I think it may be a reference to the old TV show, maybe the room looks like the interview room from the show or something
20 - I can't tell if this is supposed to be the real "Mount Suisho" or if it's supposed to be a generic "Crystal Mountain" or "Mount Crystal". The GameFAQs walkthrough translated it as "Mount Crystal" but I went with "Mount Suisho" instead.
31 and 32 both say "How Much Is This?" except 32 is in Kansai dialect.

Inserts say Konami Kukeiha Club but it's pretty widely confirmed that this is Kinuyo Yamashita for Esper Dream 1 and Manami Matsumae for Esper Dream 2. I didn't credit her or add her as an artist because I only ever go by what's printed in the inserts but someone else can do that if they feel it's necessary. Credits can be found on the original Memorial album.

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