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If he's "in charge" of the music, does that actually mean he'll be composing for Skyward Sword? Or is he going to do what Nagata did with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and simply supervise the compositions of younger composers, without composing much himself? Wakai's been at Nintendo for a decent stint of time, now--about the same as Nagata--so I wouldn't be too surprised if it's the latter.

Not that I actually want the case to be the latter, mind. I really like Wakai's melodies when they're good--and if Molgera's theme in Wind Waker truly is the work of Wakai, then I risk getting my expectations up quite considerably--though his name is attached, albeit amongst others, to some games that I'm not overly fond of. That said, it would be so refreshing to have Wakai at the helm of Skyward Sword's soundtrack; he's never been in the driving seat for a Zelda game like this before, so he could feasibly bring some ideas and feelings about music to the table that haven't been in Zelda hitherto. If they let him, that is.

(Also: I'm probably making a useless plea here, but please, Nintendo: somehow, keep Minegishi and Ohta away from this game. I don't get on with those two at all. Like Raizen, I'm finding myself pining for the Nintendo composers of old.)

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