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Mahito Yokota is supposed to be involved as well:

Yokota: I've been steeped in The Legend of Zelda this past year.
Iwata: Steeped in Zelda?
Yokota: I only worked on The Legend of Zelda. Two games at the same time!
Iwata: Huh? Two at the same time? I didn't know that!
Yokota: One was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and the other is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
although it's not clear whether he is composing or is simply "orchestration director", and of course there could be other composers involved that haven't been mentioned as of yet. but anyway, Kondo + Wakai + Yokota would be a great lineup. Initially I would have been phased by the announcement of zelda using orchestral music, but after hearing SMG1+2's scores, I'm confident it'll still be excellent and have plenty of charm that's trademark to their games. plus Kondo saying "we use orchestras for a few different songs where we feel that doing so is appropriate" is only further reassurement; so it won't be 100% symphonic thankfully. there's nothing I'd hate more than a generic, lifeless zelda score that is orchestral just under the pretense that symphonic is better.

(I suppose since this is Zelda we won't be hearing anything like the F-Zero X staff roll theme but A MAN CAN DREAM)
damn straight, i want HAJIME WANKAI.
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