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Originally Posted by Raizen1984 View Post
His Star Fox 64 work is exceptional, but he never matched that quality in any of his other scores.
Star Fox Command? The new orchestral work is right in line with his SF64 material. Anyway, it's a bit unfair to judge Wakai in this case--look at the non-Star Fox and non-Zelda titles he's had to write music for:

Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Pikmin 1 & 2, Nintendogs, Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Brothers... and he was the sound director for Big Brain Academy.

I'd of walked out if I knew I would have to write for so many cutesy and/or casual games.

Uppa brings up a good point though--it could mean Wakai is "moving up" (in the world of entertainment, for some reason, having no part in the actual creative aspect of a product is equated with moving up") and supervising other composers.

Lunar, thanks for mentioning Yokota. He was likely in charge of orchestrating the pieces that were recorded live. If he composed a little too, I'd be fine with that.

I wonder whose idea it was to reverse Princess Zelda's theme for the Skyward Sword main theme? Pretty brilliant IMO, and something rarely used in game music (actually, I can't think of any examples myself). Classical composers would use all sorts of tricks like this to get the most mileage out of their themes; I'm glad someone at Nintendo thought of this, because it turned out to work great. That particular melody, when reversed, makes for a convincing main theme (though some of the chords were changed).
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