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Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
Star Fox Command? The new orchestral work is right in line with his SF64 material.
Well, they're both orchestral and, on the surface, sound sort of similar. But the quality of composition is not as high. The game rip I had was long and incredibly repetitive; I was unable to sit through the entire thing my first time listening. It felt very empty to me.

Compare it to the far more ambitious 64 score. Part of it had to do with the ingenious way Wakai had melded creative orchestral composition with the limited N64 sound chip. Nothing on Command's soundtrack compares to Corneria, Aquas, or Zoness.

Anyway, it's a bit unfair to judge Wakai in this case--look at the non-Star Fox and non-Zelda titles he's had to write music for:
I disagree with this idea that the tone or quality of the game somehow excuses the composer from creating sub-par work. Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon was a cutesy POS, but that didn't stop Hamauzu from crafting a good score around it. Ditto for Jun Ishikawa and Kirby, or Yasunori Mitsuda and Inazuma Eleven. A truly great composer should be able to take the concept of the material they're scoring and do something creative with it. Creating elevator music for Nintendog's is not something a composer with vision would do. IMO.

I'm still willing to give Wakai a fair shot with this new Zelda score. I just wanted to explain where my cyinicism is coming from, is all.
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